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I'm Teresa, an award-winning writer with over ten years of publication history.
My work has been published widely and placed in prestigious literary prizes
such as The Bridport and The Guardian Summer Reads.
- You can read more about my writing journey here -

In 2015 I started to work as a ghostwriter for two of the UK's leading life story companies
before going totally freelance in early 2017. 
Since then I have gone on to work with dozens of clients, both in a ghostwriting and editing capacity, to help them make their books the absolute best they can be.
Just this year I've ghostwritten in the following genres: 
self-development, autobiography, family history and literary crime fiction.  

Whether your book is at the idea-stage or ready to be edited - 
get in touch and let's see if we can work together.


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"You can make yourself live forever through writing. 
Do not pass through life without leaving something behind for others to learn from your experiences - even if no one but your children read it.
You may discover a you you've never known."

Antwone Fisher