Current Project: Andrew's Book


After a day of editing and refining, the second chapter of one of my current projects is ready to mail out. 

This chapter, "Monica's Story", is part of a very special book celebrating the life of a wonderful man, Andrew, who sadly lost his life to cancer in late 2015. I'm working with Andrew's Mum, Monica, and the rest of his family to create a book which honours his life, his journey and his courage. 

What's really special about this project is that Andrew started to write his life story in the months before he died. As such we're able to include his words along with the memories and thoughts of the people who knew and loved him. 

The end result will be something quite unique: part-autobiography and part-tribute. Most of all it will be a wonderful way for Andrew's family and friends to remember him, and for future generations to get to know him.