life story EDiting services

As well as working as a life story writer I also offer an editing service for those who have a completed or near completed autobiography. 

Line editing
I'll look at your writing line by line and check that your choice of words (as well as the usual spelling, grammar and punctuation) are the very best they can be to tell your life story with clarity and style.   

Bigger-picture editing
If your book is still a work-in-progress I can offer suggestions of what to explore next, how to draw out more memories or perhaps add vibrancy, emotion and reflection to what you have so far. If you've finished your autobiography but you don't feel it's as good as it can be, I can do all of the above and identify the areas where more depth (or perhaps less detail) would make it stronger. 

Rates differ project-to-project and depend where you are currently and where you need and want to be.

What next? 
Send your book over for a free quote: Just tell me about the kind of edits you'd like and we'll take it from there.

Free line editing taster:
Email a 500 word extract of your book to me at and I'll do a free line edit for you. If you like the changes I suggest you can send me your completed manuscript and I'll give you a quote for the whole project.

Wherever you are on your life story journey, get in touch and I'll help bring your story - and your book - to life.