Your Life story: Testimonials

"Thank you very much, Teresa, for your excellent job and constructive criticism. All your advice helped me complete my project successfully. It was a great joy collaborating with you. Best wishes for your future. I'll keep you posted for my next projects. Sincerely, Barbara."

Barbara Salani, November 2017, for copy edits on her book, Music For Life


"Teresa is a gift to work with.  Intuitive, insightful, professional. She completely over delivered incredible value to our project!"

Ivan and Mariana Polic, September 2017, for developmental edits and proof reading on their book, Family Business Mastery 


"I trust Teresa to the hilt to handle my life respectfully. In fact, I feel far better about it, thanks to her." 

Dr Jo Stanley, creative life story expert and author of Writing Out Your Life: A Guide to Writing Creative Autobiography

writing samples

 Sample 1 - Memoir: A couple take a trip to their favourite seaside town


The rain fell as soon as we stepped off the bus. Heavy, windy rain, and as we struggled up the steps to our hotel on the West Cliff and through the whale bones, we were soaked to our bones. We were only in Whitby for the night, but somehow, though we said we wouldn’t, we packed a lot. Books, magazines. Tea bags in cling film, biscuits in Tupperware. We were prepared. But I didn’t take another pair of jeans. Or a waterproof coat.

Our hotel room was high up, not in the eaves, but close. There were two windows: one looking to the harbour and the dramatic ruin of the Abbey, the other out to the wide open sea.

When the rain slowed we put on damp jackets and headed out with only one thing on our minds: fish and chips. We ate them too quickly standing on the pier, balancing the long trays on our arms, looking at the choppy water of the high tide. Breathing in and feeling glad.

There is something both calming and energising about the sea. When we were in our twenties we lived, just for a while, in a seaside town. Being able to leave the house and be at the beach in minutes never lost its wonder.

We walked down to the beach and sat side by side on the sand with our eyes closed, feeling how you do when you are close to the sea: connected, part of something before you, part of something bigger than you. 

Sample 2 - Fiction (originally published in Willesden Herald New Short Stories 5) 


Blue Raincoat 

I wait for you. Give you time. It’s summer and the night is still light, you are walking, breathing, letting air in. I know you will come home soon.

I’ve filled the sink with warm water and soap powder. Soaked, washed and spun your raincoat. Sewn the button back on, strengthened the others.

It hangs on the line.

You will come home soon, and I will scoop you up, you and your grief. I’ll stay up all night listening, remembering everything about her with you. We will both laugh and we will both cry. You’ll decide what to do with the raincoat: let’s set it free. Tie string to it, make it a kite, let it fly.

I’ll hold you until you fall asleep and in the morning you will smile and it will be another day, an easier day for us both doing things right and knowing how things are done.

I wait for you. Give you time.

But you don’t come, and time without you slows and thickens, makes me work hard to pass through it. Time becomes segmented. Each piece is made from a question: How long have you been gone? How far away is her grave? How long would it take you to get there and back? How long has it been dark? How long should I wait? There is an equation in there somewhere, an adding up and taking away that will tell me what to do.   

I want you to walk through the door. I want that sound – the click, swoosh: you have come back to me.

I want you to scoop me up, listen to my grief, let me be selfish, let me remember you. Spend a night laughing, crying, deciding. ‘It’s been hard for you’, you will say. ‘But it’s all okay now. It was just the raincoat. It is sky, and I’m earth.’ And you’ll hold me, and I’ll feel your body, rub over your skin and it’ll flake a little like dry mud, and I’ll say, ‘Yes, you are earth’. I’ll let water stream onto you, and you will brighten.


published works

As a fiction writer, I've been published in the following places:

  • Literary prizes: The Guardian Summer Reads, Bridport Prize, Willesden Herald Prize, Magic Oxygen Prize
  • Magazines and journals: Writers' Forum, Brand Literary Magazine, OBLONG, Hour of Writes, Leaf Books
  • Long-listings / honourable mentions: Raymond Carver Short Story Prize, Bath Short Story Award, Aesthetica Fiction Prize, Mslexia Magazine